About the Department


Future Prospects


In terms of academic research and international perspectives:  

1.Continuing to organize academic seminars by working with Peking University, Hebei University, Nanjing University and Wuhan University

2. Encouraging students to apply for funding opportunities offered by the National Science Council for “College Student Participation in Research Projects” 

3. Continuing to apply for sponsorship from Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) for “The Project for Technology-Intensive of SMEs Clusters” 

4. Offering to organize events and campaigns for government agencies and cultural groups in local municipalities  

5. Implementing our “Competence Mobility and International Mobility” project by encouraging students to sign up overseas internships, learning opportunities and volunteering activities so that they can develop an international outlook 

In terms of collaborating with the industry and improve the employability of our students

1. A curriculum focusing on the planning and marketing of tourism as part of the cultural and creative industry, operation of the cultural and creative industry, appraisal of cultural and creative products, editing and production of digital and multimedia contents, so that our students are equipped with digital literacy, professional knowledge and industry expertise

2. Implementing the 2013-2014 Teaching Excellence Project subsidized by the Ministry of Education and applying to participate in the Employment Program administered by the Vocational Training Bureau.

3. Inviting mentors from the industry to our campus and walking our students and teachers into the corporate world so that our school is connected with the real world and we can put our knowledge into work   

Four projects to improve the employability of our students and develop their capability to apply what they have learned    

4. Supporting our students in obtaining professional qualifications 

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