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    image Certificates and Employment Prospects  Our graduates will be prepared for the following certificates:

    Marketing stream
    1. Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan’s B-level certificate for graphic designs (Photoshop and Illustrator) ,  Photoshop、Illustrator
    2. International certificates for MOS OFFICE POWERPOINT, EXCEL, WORD  
    3. Adobe   Dreamweaver for web design and production  
    4.  Iclone    2D  and  3D animations  
    5. Tour guide licenses, professional licenses for conferences and exhibitions   
    6. Certified Marketing Professional, LITPA, auctioneer licenses  
    7. ECBP (Electronic Commerce Business Planning), corporate lecturing certificates  
    Leisure stream
    1. Tour leader licenses
    Tour guide licenses, licenses for the exhibition and conference industry
    3. Licenses for physical fitness instructors, coaches or judges, personal trainers
    4. CCAPP (Certified College Activities Planning Professional), certificates in project management
    5. Certificates for bartenders, baristas and wine tasting
    6. Qualifications for marketing expertise in Taiwan and overseas  
    7. International licenses for wine connoisseurs and baristas
     image   Employment & careers: 
    Marketing stream
    1. Roles in planning, marketing, project management, editing and production, advertising design, graphic designs and management working for the companies in the cultural and creative industry (encompassing three dimensions: cultural elements that integrates the foundation required for art and humanity, the creative aspect in craftsmanship, design and architectural applications, and the industry perspectives in operation, marketing and management)
    2. Roles in project planning, digital and multimedia planning, events planning, advertising agency, marketing, project development and management in private companies
    3. Analysts in cultural organizations, art groups, art consulting firms, education foundations, museums, galleries and libraries
    4. Executive secretaries, assistants, associates, project assists with non-profit organizations (e.g. foundations), events planners and independent cultural managers, organizers for exhibitions and conferences, researchers for school projects
    5. Public servants (for cultural administration, education administration, art administration and human resources administration)
    6. Roles in administration and management with organizations such as the Cultural Affairs Department, The Council for Cultural Affairs, cultural centers, education bureaus, arts centers, museums and galleries and performance groups
    7. Professional qualifications and certificates: Presentation Skills Management, graphic designs, qualifications issued by the Institute of Leadership & Management, certifications in MICE professionals, qualifications in marketing and management, financial planning, securities brokerage and customer relationship management.
    8. Continued education in graduate institutes related to the cultural and creative industry
    9. Starting own businesses in the cultural and creative industry
    Leisure stream
    1. Management trainees, sport instructors, managers, consultants and marketing specialists for the leisure and recreation industry and non-profit organizations
    2. Event organizers, planning and execution professionals, managers, strategic consultants with resorts, theme parks, consulting firms for the leisure and recreation industry, PR/marketing companies, cultural/educational foundations, non-profit organizations and research institutions
    3. Career opportunities in corporates, financial institutions and insurance companies, as our students take classes in management and economics
    4. Continued education in graduate institutes related to the leisure and recreation industry
    5. Starting own businesses in the leisure and recreation industry


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